Treatment Modalities

Education and support in a health-promoting lifestyle, including:

Creating a supportive co-learning environment which enables you to recognize your control over your health, educates you in self-care, and involves you as an active participant in recovering and maintaining your own health and well-being.

Nutrition therapy.

Stress-reduction and life-balancing. Cleansing and detoxification programs.

Physical exams (pap smears, sports, DMV and employment physicals).

Bio-identical hormone therapy for men and women.

Herbs, vitamins/ minerals, homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower Remedies and other utraceuticals.

Removal (cryotherapy) and excision/ biopsy of skin lesions.

Injection of painful “trigger points”.


Low-level laser therapy.

Special testing (for heavy metals, molds, toxins, salivary hormone testing, and more).

Traditional treatment, including prescription medications when needed.

A referral base for other specialty, traditional, and holistic practitioners in your area.

We are now offering a wide variety of blood test at less than half of what other labs charge. Results are back in 48 hours!

  • Adrenal panel
  • Allergy
  • Annual Wellness – Men
  • Annual Wellness – Women
  • Extended CV panel
  • Hormones (including sex and growth hormone)
  • Thyroid panel (including autoimmune test)
  • Thyroid Test
  • And more…