Meet Our Staff

Jakob Jaggy, Holistic M.D.

Jakob Jaggy, Holistic M.D.

Dr. Jakob Jaggy is a Swiss-trained physician who completed his residency in the US in Family Practice. He is board certified in holistic medicine, which is his focus, and for the last 15 years has had his practice in the Sierra Foothills. He also is a diplomat founder of the American Board of Holistic Medicine.

He realized early on in medical school that pharmaceuticals offer very little help in curing or preventing chronic illnesses and that most illnesses are either induced by a toxicity or a deficiency in the body/mind. This is the model he uses to help his patients reclaim their health. He applies a multitude of modalities to achieve this goal and also has a network of alternative practitioners with whom he works.

The foundation of his practice is based on his philosophy that everyone’s health is dependent on the quality of the food they eat, which in turn is dependent on the quality of the soil in which it is grown. He therefore recognizes the importance of organic farming methods and has been an organic farmer himself for several years, and was a co-founder of an NPO focused on educating people in the foothills about sustainable living.

Shaun Li Michael, PhD, Practice Manager & Billing:

Shaun Li Michael, PhD

For over 20 years I had the privilege of working in the adventure travel business from whitewater rafting on wild rivers around the world, to trekking mountain passes visiting remote jungle villages, and kayaking the coastlines of far-away places. These life opportunities that were presented to me were invaluable. I had the good fortune to travel around the world numerous times doing research, leading trips and for pleasure. I went from a stay-at-home mom to working my way up to upper management of some of the largest and best-known outfitters in that industry.

In 2004 I found myself taking a look at what has heart and meaning in my life. I wanting to give back to my community in a supportive way; assisting others to discover themselves holistically. I became interested in studying nutrition, organic living and inner clarity at age 15 but wanted more so I went back to school to receive a doctorate in Natural Health. I studied biofeedback in Canada and LA, kinesiology in the SF Bay Area, and many other modalities over the years. I started working for Dr Jaggy in 2004. When I’m not working in his office, I am working as a Naturopath in Murphys. My website is

Jill Mowry, Medical Assistant, Licensed Phlebotomist:

Jill Mowry

I have lived in Sonora 44 years coming from a fast paced Silicon Valley where I grew up. I spent part of my childhood in Germany, with relatives in the military, and attended high school there. I have 7 grandchildren.
I am semi-retired, living off the land as a farmer, raising beef, pork, poultry, and tending a big garden both summer and winter.
I have worked in the health care field since 1991 in various positions, including physical therapy and occupational therapy in Sonora Transitional unit. I did in-home care as a home health aide and worked as a medical assistant in Sonora’s clinic family practice. While working as a medical assistant, I attended school to become a certified phlebotomist licensed by the state.
Working at Foothill Holistic Center is good for me, it is flexible with days and hours, low key exposure and most of all I enjoy helping people in any way I can. I learn something every day.

Phyllis Phyllis Ferrell-Anderson, MA, CMT, Phlebotomy Technician:

Phyllis Ferrell

My journey working for and learning from Dr. Jaggy began in June of 2005. I was just finishing my course for medical assisting and was looking for a medical office in which to complete my on the job training. Dr. Jaggy graciously offered for me to fulfill that requirement at his office. At the time I don’t believe either of us ever thought that I would still be working for and learning from him almost ten years later.
In my early life I was always finding ways to take care of people, rubbing backs, bandaging the wounds of childhood friends and taking care of my brothers when they were sick. If one of my brothers or cousins had an owie, you can bet that I was the first one there to help clean it up. I don’t believe any of my family is surprised that I chose to work in the medical field.
I have learned and continue to learn so much working from Dr. Jaggy and I am always looking for ways to expand upon my education. I enjoy caring for the patients at our practice and find it heartwarming and rewarding when I hear a patient say how much better they feel since finding Dr. Jaggy.
One thing that I hope patients take away from their visits is the realization that it isn’t just Dr. Jaggy working his medical magic that helps then feel better. In reality it is each patient’s desire to adopt a different approach to living life and Dr. Jaggy providing them with the information and the healthy space in which to take charge of their own health. This medical practice is about team work between the patient and the doctor.


Sarah Carlen-Stearns, Medical Receptionist, Medical Assistant:

Sarah Carlen

I live in Copperopolis with my husband, Brandon, and 3 kids, Tyler, Clayton and Kayla. I love being involved in Kayla’s soccer and Clayton’s trap team. My favorite hobbies include home improvement and going to the movies. I love working here! I enjoy natural alternatives and love learning about holistic health care. I love hearing patient testimonies of feeling and living better!


Toni Ballard, Medical Receptionist, Medical Assistant:

Toni Ballard

I am one of the newest employees here at Dr Jaggy’s office. I have been in the medical reception field for over 10 years and love the challenge of helping people accomplish their health needs. I am an active mother of two growing boys and most of my time off goes into fulfilling their and my husband’s needs. I live in Columbia, close to the office and enjoy the quiet small town atmosphere and the historical value it adds to Tuolumne County.

Ivy Morrow, Supplement room manager:

Ivy Morrow

Camaraderie amongst co-workers and customers make it a pleasure to be here. I have met some lovely people (and their dogs) and I enjoy hearing their stories.